ICA Coaching Labs are where students put theory into practice.  As a student in the Workplace Coach program you are only required to attend as a client or an observer.  However, if you wanted to take on the role of coach you are welcome.   You will attend

  1. Coaching Labs
  2. FlipIt Labs
  3. Niche Lab

Coaching Labs (Stop The Clock)

ICA Coaching Labs are where you can practice and observe coaching in the context of the ICF competencies.  An expert coach facilitator will observe a live coaching session and then using a 'stop the clock' technique, they will ​interrupt the coaching session to highlight the use of a specific ICF Competency .  Using an ICA worksheet, students observing the coaching will make note of any competencies they observe, and then encouraged to share these with the group following the session.

  • Intro

    Introduction of the ICF competency

    The Trainer will introduce the competency and give you examples of the types of questions or techniques a coach can use to demonstrate this competency.

  • Session

    Stop the Clock Coaching Session

    Your mentor coach trainer will interrupt the coaching session 2 or 3 times, or whenever they observe an ICF Competency in practice. They then provide specific feedback on the coaching, identify exactly what it was that the coach did that met a specific ICF competency and related PCC Marker.

  • Recap

    Discussion with the Coach

    Trainer will invite the coach to share their experience of both the coaching and the feedback


  • Click Here to download the Coaching Agreement (for the role of coach)

FlipIt Labs

FlipIt Labs are designed to give you the experience of 'reframing' an issue or challenge.  Your Coach Trainer will demonstrate the FlipIt Coaching Framework using the ICA power tools to help "reframe" a  disempowering perspective to an empowering perspective.