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Mapping Out Your Study Plan

It's important to navigate your studies in a way that suits you. Your program is made up of different but complimentary learning experiences such as theory classes, practicum labs, observed coaching and peer coaching.

The majority of new students enjoy an orientation session as soon as possible.  It's a great way to meet fellow students, find your way around the learning corridors, and understanding your graduation checklist.

Then, the best classes to jump into first are your core competency (theory) and coaching labs (practicum). Adding in Peer Coaching and mentor coaching as you feel confident.

But, one of the great things about our programs is that they are flexible. You can actually start wherever you feel comfortable, or where ever best suits your own personal schedule.

  • Orientation Calls

    These are a great place to find out where to go and what to do next.  They include a brief tour of the learnsite, including where to find your class schedules, program hours, community forum and graduation checklist.  View Schedule. These are optional.

  • Program Hours

    There’s three components to your study;  Live Classes / Labs, Portfolio Development, Peer Coaching.  The first step is to find your total program hours (see graduation checklist), and the allocated hours for each program area.

  • Your Schedule

    Consider your current life or work commitments.  How much time will you have to study, when do you want to study, what can be moved around, what can’t be moved around. What days work best for you to take classes, what days are best for you to work on your portfolio.

  • Graduation Goal

    All programs have a membership period for learnsite access and graduation. But, it’s possible to fast track (no charge) or even take longer (fees apply). For the purpose of your study schedule, pick a graduation time frame that will best suit your coaching goal.

Getting Started with an Orientation Session In English

In each orientation call we'll conduct a tour of the learnsite, explain your Graduation Checklist, and run through a list of frequently asked questions. It's also a great opportunity to practice dialing into a live class, and to meet your fellow students.

Choose a session from the schedule below.  Download Zoom.  And, then dial in on the hour.  Julia Griffin (ICA Community Manager) will be there to greet you.

Getting Started Without an Orientation Session...

If you feel confident in an online environment, or are the type of learner who learns best by doing, then you might find you don't need an orientation call.  Or, you might want to jump into your studies, gather some questions, and then circle back to an orientation call.  You choose the method of entry that suits you best. All the information you will need is available to you in your learnsite (schedules, modules, forum etc).

Sample Study Schedule


  • Classes and Labs (2 hrs a week)

    100 class or lab hours / 12 month graduation goal = approx. 2 classes a week

    Monday @ 8pm Core Curriculum
    Saturday @ 11am Coaching Lab

  • Portfolio Development (30 mins a week)

    25 portfolio hours / 12 month graduation goal = approx. 30 mins a week

    Researching who you will be as a coach, who you will coach, how you will specialise

  • Peer Coaching (2 hours a month)

    20 portfolio hours / 12 month graduation goal = approx. 30 mins a week

    Taking on the role of coach and client