Vocational: Observed Coaching

Welcome to Observed Coaching

Observed Coaching is a teleclass space where you get to showcase your new coaching skills and increase your coaching mastery.  Your classes will be facilitated by experienced ACC, PCC or MCC coaches.  In each class you will either coach, be coached or be an observor.  In the sessions where you hold the role of coach, you will receive written or verbal feedback from your Mentor Coach. This feeeback will be mapped against the core ICF competencies and PCC indicators.

Your Responsibilities

1. Attend all classes

2. Coach in 5 of these classes (when you are not coaching you are a client or an observer)

3. Find your own peer client for your coaching sessions

4. Schedule the Day you will be coaching

5. Complete the Knowledge Evaluation (Written Exam)

6. Keep records of written feedback, incl the exam, submit results on Graduation Application

You must be Coaching at ACC level

Your mentor coach will send you a copy of your feedback after each session. The will also send a copy to the assessment team to keep on file so there is not need for you to forward this on. This feeeback will give you an idea re your coaching performance.

What if I am not coaching at ACC level?

If upon completion of your observed coaching you or your mentor coaching feel you are not coaching at ACC level then you will be invited to complete some more mentor coaching, peer coaching and self study before continuing on to complete the performance evaluation

What if I am coaching at ACC level?

If upon completion of your observed coaching you have demonstrated coaching at ACC level then you will continue on to complete your written and oral exam. This is the final step of your performance evaluation.

What if I miss a class?

You must attend all classes as scheduled.

Week 1 - 2: Observed Coaching with Verbal Feedback (Live Class)
1 hr classes where each student coaches, with feedback, for 20 mins (3 students coach in each class)

Week 3 - 5: Observed Coaching with Written Feedback (Live Class)
1 hr classes where each student coaches, with feedback, for 20 mins (3 students coach in each class)

Students who are coaching at ACC level continue on to complete the Written Exam

If in the case of an emergency you are unable to attend, the following applies

Missed Class as Observer:  You can join another Observed Coaching Class to make up that class hour

Missed Class as a Coach:  You will be required to submit an audio and transcript of a coaching session where you are the coach.  Your Mentor coach will then listen to this and provide feedback.  There is a charge of $100 for this, and every, out of class assessment.

Unlike regular classes you must Register in advance for the sessions you will be coaching.  This is to be sure you can plan ahead with your client, and to be sure everyone has equal coaching time.

What feedback can I expect?

During your feedback time, your Mentor Coach will ask you what you learned from the session.  You will be acknowledged for the competencies you demonstrated in that particular session and you will also be invited to acknowledge yourself.

We will focus on your strengths.  You will not be “criticized”.  You will be encouraged to develop yourself as a coach. The intention of your Mentor coach is to create a safe space for learning.  If they hear something that is not coaching, you will have a conversation about it in class.  Your Mentor coach will ask you questions, share observations, and acknowledge you. You will get to know each other very well and build strong relationships from this experience. This is a rich and powerful space.  We hear back from former students that
these sessions provided so much learning, and helped them develop into strong coaches.
You will increase your coaching mastery as you coach, listen to your peers as they coach, hear feedback and acknowledgments from your Mentor coach and your class colleagues as well. Please know that the Mentor coach is here to support you to be the best coach you can be!

Using the 80/20 formula

To make the most out of your coaching session, we suggest the following.

Refrain from making suggestions, or even sharing of your own experience.  Let the client lead and set the agenda.  Use the formula:  80% listening, and 20% asking  open-ended questions and acknowledging.  Open-ended questions usually start with ‘what’ or ‘tell me more.’

1. Open with setting the contract.  “We have 15 minutes for this coaching session”.  2. Check in with your client at the half-way point of the session. “We have 5 minutes
3. 80-20 rule. Client talking 80%, coach talking 20%.  4. Ask one question at a time.
5. Give your client the space to digest and respond before asking another question.  6. Ask for permission before making a bold request or offering suggestion.
7. Do not offer advice or consultation.
8. Ask questions that will guide the client through their self-exploration.  9. Support your client to discover for themselves perceptions and ideas.
10. The magic question: “What do you want”. Use this question when you need to
move your client toward clarity.
11. Goal setting. Use immediacy – would you, could you, when?
12. Acknowledging sounds. Use hmm hmm,, ok, yes, right sparingly.  13. Interruption. Do not interrupt your client when they are sharing.
14. Ask for a takeaway at the end of a session. You can also ask them if they feel complete before closing the session.

Who is my client?

Your client for the purpose of Observed Coaching should be a an ICA student or graduate. This could be a peer from within your Observed Coaching class or from the ICA Community in general.  If you select a client from outside your Observed Coaching Class, they must dial in on time and be available for your entire coaching session (make sure they have the dial in codes in advance)

* External clients are not always familiar with teleclass etiquette and can inadvertently bring background noise to the call, or take up time on the call managing dial in technology.   For this reason they are not invited to be clients during observed coaching