Orientation, Schedules and Participation


Course Areas

The order for completing course areas

The learning model at ICA is “just-in-time” learning (or Flipped Learning). This is where the entire curriculum is released to you at the time of enrollment.  You then decide how you approach your learning, and the pace of study. 

At any time...

On the couch with a coffee, in your lunch break at work, on the train etc.

* module readings
* portfolio work
* journalling
* forum reflections

At scheduled times

As set times and dates as shown on the Academic calendar (published 3 months prior)

* Coach Skills classes
* Practicum Labs
* Mentor Coaching
* Observed Coaching

Choose Your Learning Pathway

Take a LINEAR APPROACH (click here)

For those who prefer predictability & prefer a regular routine

You will map out your attendance ahead of time, completing all classes and labs one after the other as they appear sequentially on the schedule.   Your study plan will most likely be routine, with you generally attending the same day and time each week. All classes and labs are scheduled at least once in each time option within your member period.

Download Getting Started Guide to learn more about this pathway.

Take an INTUITIVE APPROACH (click here)

For those who know their learning needs or prefer to make
decisions based on their time availability and personal preference.

This study pathway is adaptable and agile, with the classes and labs you attend determined by your personal situation or preference.  You might have a curiosity with a specific topic and decide to attend that as a stand alone class.  You can then return to complete the remainder of this course area at a later date. There’s still predictability (the schedule published 3 months ahead of time) but your decisions are based more on the learning and the times you are available for study, rather than the opportunity for routine.

Download Getting Started Guide to learn more about this pathway.