Learning Pathway for Vocational (ACSTH)

Your Program is made up of Course Areas.  And, then in each course area there are Modules, Labs, Classes or Self Study requirements.  We highly recommend following the participation pathway below to maximise your learning and provide the most consistent learning journey.

Within this structure there is flexibility in that it's up to you which order you take your core competency classes and labs, and it's up to you when you begin and complete your Portfolio.

However, you must complete all your core competency classes, labs and mentor coaching BEFORE you can join Observed Coaching.

Program Requirements

Your graduation checklist has a section for each program outcome - some of which are assessed (eg. given a grading) and others a requirement (eg. no grading).

Classes and Labs: Students are required to attend a set number of class and lab hours. These should be logged in the Graduation Checklist, which is then submitted for graduation. These are required, but not assessed for the purpose of grading.

Portfolios:  Portfolio work is personal and subjective, and therefore not graded. However, they are a requirement. Students must prepare their course work and then post it to the forum, where they will receive peer and faculty feedback. The final version should then be submitted at the time of graduation.

Classes and Labs

It's a requirement that you attend all the following classes and labs, and then record the date, time, trainer and topic in your graduation checklist.

  • Core Coach Training Classes
  • Coaching Labs
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Observed Coaching


Create a Coaching Power Tool and then can choose from either a Research Paper or Case Study to complete your portfolio.

  • Coaching Power Tool
  • Coaching Case Study

Performance Evaluation

Students must achieve a 'pass' in the following to graduate as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • Observed Coaching
  • Written Exam

Peer Coaching - 6 hours

Peer coaching hours are over and above your program hours and happen outside the classroom.  As such, they can be counted as paid coaching hours for the purpose of an ICF Credential such as PCC or ACC.

  • Be a Client
  • Be a Coach