Design Your Group Coaching Session or Workshop

Group Coaching Workshops vary in style and format according to context. You may design and deliver a 10 week Group Coaching Program on a specific topic or niche, or you may be running a Group Coaching session in your workplace with a group of colleagues.

Coaches often run workshops using a “blended coach” approach where they bring a specific skill or area of expertise to a targeted client group and then couple it with group coaching. This often brings better results that just offering either training or coaching. With a blended approach participants can learn new skills as well as identify strategies for implementation, uncover things that might get in the way, and benefit from the coaching support to implement and stay accountable.

Using FlipIt in Workshops or Group Coaching

There are many ways you can design Group Coaching Sessions or Workshops that blend coaching and training, and use FlipIt. Here are just some examples: 

    • A two hour face to face Workshop, with a presentation for the first hour then group coaching using FlipIt in the second hour
    • A half day FlipIt workshop based on a specific topic, followed by individual one on one coaching for 10 weeks
    • A two hour Online FlipIt Workshop with an established Coaching Group.


Design Your Group Coaching Workshop

In this worksheet you will plan a 2hr Group Coaching Workshop designed specifically for your client group in your niche.

You will need to consider and refer to the following

Signature Offer Strategy

Your Signature Offer is central to your workshop design. It includes thinking on your client group and their issue or challenge. These things will inform the content and structure of your workshop

FlipIt or Topic Based

You can choose to use the 4 Step FlipIt Framework to structure your workshop, or you may just use part of the framework in a topic based workshop. It is up to you. Whatever will work best for your client group.

Online or Face to face

Decide if your workshop will be run online or face to face. Consideration will include thinking about where your clients are coming from and how well suited they are to independent study.