Your Coach Starter Pack includes everything you need to start your coaching practice. Most coaches start with very little and then build up overtime, as they learn more about their clients, more about their market and more about the ways they like to work.

Here is a list of things you will need to develop in your Coach Starter Pack


Your Coaching Practice

We have included some templates below which you are free to re-brand and use in your practice, however the very best forms, agreements etc, are those that have been developed with your specific client group in mind.

  • Create your Coaching Agreement, Signature Offer Strategy and Client Coaching Journal and submit them with your Graduation Checklist

Your Coaching Agreement is a critical document. It outlines the services you will offer, any policies and procedures you have and communicates the expectations you have in any coach/client relationship.

Use this Sample Agreement Template to create your own.
Download the ICF Sample Agreement
Download a 3rd Party Coaching Agreement

What you will need to create your Agreement

In order to create your Agreement you will need the following

– Your coaching bio – who are you as a coach?
– A description of your coaching – how do you coach
– A description of your services – what are you offering this particular client?
– Your policies and procedures – refund policy, confidentiality etc.

You will have developed your Signature Strategy Template in the module “Your Signature Offer”

The reason this is included in your Coach Starter Pack is that it gives you the positioning and content you need to create a presence (either one page website or facebook page). This with your Coaching Agreement are the minimum requirements you will need to get started as a coach.

Managing your client’s progress before, during and after their sessions is a critical part of the client experience. There are many different ways to do this, including several proprietary and fee based software. However it doesn’t have to be complicated.

We have created a Google doc template you can use with clients to manage their progress. For this learning task you can either use our template or create your own. But you must demonstrate how you will track your student’s progress.

Use this Coaching Journal Template