Your Coach Starter Kit includes the resources and guidelines you need to start your coaching practice. Most coaches start with the basic requirements and then build up their client resources over time as they learn more about their clients, more about their market and more about the ways they like to work.

Post in the forum, attend bLabs, use your Peer Coaching clients and draw on your passions and past experiences when creating your Coaching Starter Kit.  Consider what your client needs, and what you need, to create successful outcomes.

Essential Items

- Description of Services
- Coaching Agreement
- Client Tracking Sheet

Optional Items

- Client Journal
- Client Worksheets
- Feedback Forms


Description of Your Services

As you begin to create your Coach Starter Kit, think about who your ideal client will be, how you will make a difference in their lives, how you will deliver your coaching (online, face to face, or both) and where your clients will find you.  With the support of peers and faculty in blabs and/ or the forum, and your own personal experiences, complete the Signature Offer Strategy This will help inform the documentation and information you share with your clients.

Select a program such as Canva, Google docs, Word, Publisher etc to create a one page flyer explaining your coaching services.  This might be information you include in your website, social media profiles, submissions, tenders, or as printed material you provide in a Welcome Kit.  Use your Signature Offer worksheet as a guide.   This is information you are happy to share publicly, and to have others share on your behalf.

Coaching Services Flyer: Using Google Docs

Coaching Services Flyer: Using Canva

Your Coaching Agreement (Contract)

The Coaching Contract has information that is specific to each client (fees, duration of agreement, location of the coaching etc), and then information that applies to all clients (policies and procedures, coach/client relationship expectations etc).  This is a contract you are comfortable sharing publicly. You can create your own, or repurpose the following.

ICA Sample: Single Client Agreement 
ICF Sample: Single Client Agreement  or 3rd Party Agreement

Client Tracking Sheet

It's important to track your sessions, keeping records of your clients' progress, reactions, emotions and goals.  These must be kept as per your confidentiality and data protection agreement.

It's also important to note any challenges you experience in the role of coach, so that you can explore them further in coach supervision or in your own coaching sessions.

As part of your ICA program you will have been required to keep a peer coaching log.  You can repurpose this for your own coaching practice, or for an ICF application.

Peer Coaching Log: As an ICA student you are required to participate in peer coaching, and maintain a coaching log.  This can be repurposed for your own coaching practice, or for an ICF credential renewal.


We have included some templates which you are free to re-brand and use in your practice, however the very best forms, agreements etc, are those that have been developed with your specific client group in mind.