Mentor Coaching Labs are a chance for you to coach, and receive expert feedback and mentoring from a PCC or MCC coach trainer. During your one on one coaching session you will be encouraged to use the techniques and concepts you are learning in class in a live coaching demonstration.  This is a place to learn, amongst your supportive peers and in the presence of our amazing trainers.

Mentor coaching is about developing a growth mindset, not about making sure you have ticked every competency off or showcasing a 'perfect' session. So settle in and feel comfortable to make mistakes!

Unlike other classes and labs, you must register for your Mentor Coaching. This includes registering for both the role of Coach and Observer.

Progressive Learning

Mentor Coaching must be completed over a MINIMUM of 4 months or longer and is progressive. This means you can't do one session in week 1 and then remainder of your sessions in week 16. They must be attended consistently and continuously (eg. evenly spread over 4 - 12 months)

The Roles of Client, Observer, and Coach

Register for Mentor Coaching

  • Progress Learning: Mentor Coaching is one of the few course areas that can not be 'fast tracked'. It must be completed over a period of 4 - 18 months (no less than 4 months).
  • Don't Rush In: We recommend you have completed the Foundation Coach classes, and at least 4 coaching labs before commencing Mentor Coaching.
  • Schedule Wisely: It might be tempting to book far ahead of time, but please only book the sessions you absolutely know you can attend. Sessions are considered confirmed at the time of booking. You can change your booking but an admin fee of $50 USD will apply.

Times shown below are in your LOCAL TIME (as per the settings on the device you are using)


  1. Select a date (dates with classes are shaded in grey)
  2. Click on the event time and date from the drop down
  3. Enter your details
  4. Click SAVE Booking
  5. Check your email for confirmation