Mentor Coaching Labs are a chance for you to coach, and receive expert feedback and mentoring from a PCC or MCC coach trainer. During your one on one coaching session you will be encouraged to use the techniques and concepts you are learning in class in a live coaching demonstration.  This is a place to learn, amongst your supportive peers and in the presence of our amazing trainers.

Mentor coaching is about developing a growth mindset, not about making sure you have ticked every competency off or showcasing a 'perfect' session. So settle in and feel comfortable to make mistakes!

Unlike other classes and labs, you must register for your Mentor Coaching. This includes registering for both the role of Coach and Observer.

  • Begin after you have attended some Core Classes and Coaching Labs
  • Must be completed within 4 - 12 months
  • Must be completed before participating in Observed Coaching, the Oral exam or the Written Exam

The Roles of Client, Observer, and Coach