Coaching has roots from a variety of theories and philosophies including adult education, positive psychology and organisational psychology.  And it can be found in an increasing number of industries and professions. It is not a singular practice. Consequently it cannot be taught as such.

Coaching is Contextual
As more and more people become acquainted with the power of coaching, it is being used in more diverse situations and environments. Clients are no longer looking for just 'Life coaching' or 'Executive coaching' as being the two key coaching styles, we are now seeing yoga coaching, parent coaching, adoptions coaching, even pet coaching.

Coaching is Cultural
‘Cultural Competencies’ is a different concept to “Cross Cultural Coaching” The latter is a process whereby the coach is working with a client on cross cultural issues. These could be challenges around relocating to another country, or challenges to do with managing a diverse cultural team for example. “Cultural competencies” on the other hand describe the skills and competence of the coach, and their ability to work with clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Coaching is Integrated
As coaching moves into more and more professions and industries the concept of keeping it ‘separate’ from other developmental approaches such as managing, training, mentoring or even counselling, is no longer viable. The coaching relationship and structure has to be integrated. In a company for example it is often the CEO, Team Manager or HR Manager who instigates the coaching and there are often very specific goals that the company has. It is not always so clear where the coaching ends and where it begins.

Coaching is Client Driven
No matter what style of coaching you employ, there is no debate about the fact that it will be different depending on the client. As a coach you really need to meet the client first, and identify their objective before choosing which coaching model you will use.

100% of ICA Coaches Graduate with a Niche

At ICA we encourage all our coaches to specialise.  But, this doesn't mean limiting your coaching expertise. At ICA you will identify your own unique coaching presence, develop your own coaching model, and learn the coaching skills needed to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.   You choose a niche, but are not limited by it.

View our Yearbook to learn more about our graduate specialities.

Share Your Reflections

Think about the different contexts you have coached in and post to the forum

  • what was different about each context
  • what was the same
  • how did your coaching change or remain the same in each context?