The Integrated Coaching Model (Blended Coaching)

What is Integrated or Blended Coaching?

Blended Coaching is when coaching is added to some other specialty or expertise. As a pure coach, you don't give advice however as a blended coach, there are times when your specific advice and expertise is needed and requested. For example, as a financial planner, clients come to you for financial planning advice. As a financial planner with coaching skills, you can really get to the core of what someone wants out of life and what financial stability looks like for them and then you will advise your client on the best way to go about achieving their goal. As a personal trainer or nutritionist, you will tailor an exercise or eating plan to suit your client based on your expertise but you can also use your coaching skills to uncover and help with roadblocks to achieving weight loss or a balanced diet.

While you can coach utilizing your well-earned experience without also consulting or mentoring, there is a growing trend toward consultative, hybrid or blended coaching.  Some coaches are blending coaching with yoga or medicine. Some offer separate services – keeping coaching and consulting or mentor separate contract so to speak. Either way, the combination possibilities can be endless. Some find combining coaching and consulting can add value and accelerates change for their clients. They find this approach extremely effective with certain individuals and organizations especially in environments of dynamic change.

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