Portfolio Development

Attend Portfolio Labs to develop your unique Niche, Coaching Model and Coaching Power Tool. Then develop a Research Project to explore your portfolio further. (Your Coach Portfolio is a Graduation Requirement)


Your Coaching Portfolio is a compilation of original pieces of work, created by you, that showcase who you are as a coach and the problems you will solve for your clients.  This is non assessed work, in that it's subjective and unique to you. However, it is a graduation requirement and you must submit it along with your application to graduate.

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There are 3 main phases to developing your Portfolio.

Phase 1
The first phase is all about your niche. You will look at who you are going to coach and why. You will identify the problem you are trying to solve in your market.

Phase 2
Once you are clear on your niche you can move on to developing a coaching model that will serve your market and your niche. All coaching models are different, and yours will be unique to you, your market and your clients.

You will also develop a coaching Power Tool, something you can along with your model to move your clients from a disempowering perspective to an empowering perspective.

Phase 3
Finally you will take your model and/or your power tool out into the market. In this phase you will take a concept or theory associated with your portfolio and apply it.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

  • Identify Your Niche

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  • Develop a Coaching Model

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  • Create your Power Tool

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  • Conduct a Research Project

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