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Apologies for the inconvenience... and in the meantime why not refresh your knowledge of the PCC Markers with these video explainers below.


PCC Markers Overview

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the professional body for coaches, which provides a regulatory framework for coaching and coach training programs. The Core Competencies are are an industry sanctioned set of skills and knowledge required to be an effective coach.

The two key ways the competencies are used are:

1. By Coach Training Schools to accredit their programs

Coach training schools can apply to the ICF to have their programs accredited. One of the things they have to demonstrate is that their curriculum maps across the Core Competencies.

2. By the ICF to credential individual coaches

The ICF assesses coaches against the Core Competencies and then awards "designations" At the introductory level you can be designated with an ACC credential (Associate Certified Coach) followed by PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and then MCC (Master Certified Coach)