FlipIt.  A Coaching Tool to facilitate Change.

ReThink The Way You Think

FlipIt™ is a 4 step coaching process created by, and exclusive to ICA. The applications are endless applications from use with clients one on one or in groups, or with friends and family around the kitchen table.  Use the hosted version, or download your own kit (to keep).

To integrate FlipIt into your Individual or Group Coaching simply...

    • Your ideal workshop participant
    • The issue or problem they have
    • What they want to learn more about
    • What structure will work best (F2F or online)
    • Learn how to use the FlipIt 4 step process
  • Step 1: Find It

Identify an issue or challenge that you have tried to solve a million times, and one that you are prepared to change.

  • Step 2: Feel It

How do you feel when you think about this issue?  Sadness, Frustration, anger, helplessness, something else?

  • Step 3: Frame It

How are you framing this issue and how is this influencing your ability to move forward towards a positive solution?

  • Step 4: FlipIt

What would change if you 'flipped' this perspective or considered an alternative framework for approaching your issue?

Access the Online Platform

This mini site is a hosted version, meaning you don't need to download it, but you will need internet connection to be use it live with your clients.  You will continue to have access to this upon completion of your course.

Download User Guide and then Access Online Platform

Download Your Own Kit

FlipIt can be downloaded to your PC or Mac (as a digital version) and used ongoing upon completion of your course. It includes:

- 8 Power Tools cards
- Values/Feelings cards
- Image cards
- Client Worksheet

Download Here

If you are running FlipIt in a physical location you might want to use the physical FlipIt Pack.

For a small group of up to 8 participants, one pack should be enough. But, if you plan on running larger events you can buy a "Group Pack".  This is optional and can be purchased at a discounted rate.