FlipIt Resources

FlipIt Resources

FlipIt is unique to ICA.


It is not compulsory, but you might choose to use FlipIt to lead your group in the Lab. Or, you might choose to pair off and just simply practice conducting the 4 step framework with a single client, in order to master the process for use in a group.

The FlipIt User Guide takes you through the steps involved in facilitating the FlipIt Framework with an individual client or group of clients.

It includes a description of each of the ICA Power Tools and lists a series of coaching questions you can use with each of the 4 steps in the framework.

Download User Guide

The physical FlipIt pack can be purchased from the ICA Website to use in face to face environments. The Online version includes all the resources you need to deliver the FlipIt Coaching Framework to groups or individuals virtually (Image Cards + Feelings / Values cards + Interactive Power Tools + Participant Worksheet)

Access Online Workshop

Everything You Need to Run a FlipIt Workshop or Coaching Group

As a graduate of the Certified Group Coaching Program you will be endorsed by ICA to deliver the FlipIt framework with individuals or groups.  You will have access to the FlipIt Facilitator Kit and resources for up to 12 months.


At it's essence, FlipIt is a Coaching Framework, and as such can be used in a variety of ways in numerous contexts. You can run a Coaching Group with it, design training around it, host a retreat or deliver a workshop. The resources you will need for each of these will differ slightly.


Upload the FlipIt Coaching Framework video to your website or social media (we'll give you the source code) to promote your coaching and / or workshops.



The FlipIt User Guide outlines the thinking behind FlipIt. The 4 Step Coaching Framework is explained and the concept of "Reframing Perspectives" is explored. The book also includes a summary of each Power Tool and some prompts or focus questions that can be used with them.



This mini site includes all the resources you need to deliver the FlipIt Coaching Framework as part of your course (and then afterwards as part of your license). It includes:

  • Image Cards
  • Feelings / Values cards
  • Interactive Power Tools
  • Participant Worksheet