License and Usage Information for Certified FlipIt Facilitators

FlipIt - License and Usage

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*You must have graduated from the Certified Group Coaching Program

How to use your FlipIt Facilitator License

As a graduate of the Certified Group Coaching Program you are endorsed by ICA to facilitate the FlipIt process with individuals or groups. This endorsement means you are able to carry the FlipIt Facilitator badge on all your marketing materials. We also provide you with a range of resources to both deliver and promote your FlipIt Events. These are listed in detail on the Resources page.

How long is the License for and when does it start?

Your Flipit Facilitation License is valid immediately after you graduate from the Certified Group Coaching Course and valid for up to 12 months (depending on the time remaining for this course area).

How can I use FlipIt?

You can use the FlipIt Framework in a variety of ways. You can integrate it into an existing workshop or group coaching program you already have, or you can create something entirely new.

You can also use the FlipIt Coaching Framework in various modalities – coaching, consulting, mentoring, training etc. And you can do this with individuals, small groups of larger gatherings.

What resources do I get?

Your license includes resources to enable you to choose either online or face to face physical locations.


  • access the Online 4 Step process, with image cards, feelings/values cards and “flippable” power tools
  • use the branded power point slides
  • share branded links with participants so they can move into break out rooms
  • access and share the colour interactive worksheet


  • download and co-brand the FlipIt Power Point presentation slides
  • order extra copies of the physical pack
  • bring and distribute the black and white worksheet

Can I Integrate FlipIt with other ACSTH, CCE, or ACTP programs?

No. FlipIt is accredited to International Coach Academy by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  As such it can not be delivered in conjunction with or alongside any other ICF accredited training.

Can I promote my workshop on Social Media?

Yes! We give you access to the FlipIt logos and image assets so you can promote on your website, social media and any printed materials.

Will ICA also promote my FlipIt workshop?

We will list all certified FlipIt Facilitators on our website and include links to your website, LinkedIn and/or facebook page.

You are welcome to post and promote your event inside the ICA community in both the forum and the ICA Facebook group.

What do Licensee holders get that everyday users of FlipIt don't get?

Members of the public, or indeed other ICA students who purchase FlipIt from our website will be able to use FlipIt with individuals or groups as they choose. They may not however promote it using our logo or with the FlipIt Facilitator badge. And they may not promote it to the ICA facebook community