Course Summary

Many of the skills you will learn as a coach are actually life skills. For example, Creating Awareness. You need to be able to support your clients to create awareness and help them to identify what is actually going on for them under the surface of their ‘story’. But this skill, self-awareness, is also extremely useful in many aspects of life (with your children, in your relationship/s, in the workplace, etc.).

Participation & Requirements

Coaching Presence has 7 modules and 7 corresponding classes.  We recommend you read the module before joining the class. Then record your attendance in the Graduation Checklist found on your program summary page.


CP01: Creating Awareness

CP02: Coaching Mindset & Confidence

CP03: Effective Feedback

CP04: Releasing Judgement


CP05: Self Management


CP06: Underlying Beliefs

CP07: Values and Life Purpose