(Professional Coach Skills)



    Your graduation checklist has a section for each Graduation requirement. This must be completed during your studies (eg. record every class you attend) and then submitted when you apply to graduate.

    To graduate from any program, all requirements and assessments must be met. For Vocational these include

    1. Attend and Track Core Curriculum Class (16 hrs)
    2. Complete and Track Peer Coaching hours (6 hrs)
    3. Complete and track Mentor Coaching (2 hrs)
    4. Post course requirements to the the forum and track (see below)

    Download Checklist


    Once you have completed all above requirements, you are able to apply to graduate.  Graduations are processed monthly, with graduation ceremonies held twice a year. To complete this form you will need a copy of your Graduation checklist, your peer coaching records and the results of your performance and knowledge evaluations.


TELECLASSES (Record Your Attendance)

  • Live Classes Led by Expert Faculty

    It’s important you attend the full hour for each class, and arrive on time.  You are then required to record the date, time and trainer for each of the following classes

    1. Core Coach Training Classes (16 hrs)
    2. Mentor Coaching (2 hrs)
    These should be recorded in your graduation checklist.

Your Unique Coach Portfolio (published with your permission)


Your Coaching Portfolio is unique to you.  It's a compilation of original pieces of work, created by you, that showcase who you are as a coach, and the problems you will solve for your clients.


The guidelines below recommend the length and layout for each piece. Your Coaching Model is compulsory. However, it is possible to substitute your Research paper or Power Tool for an interview, book review or case study.  But, you need to let us know in advance and have this approved. Submit requested variations to


When conducting research for your portfolio you might watch a video, read an article, listen to a podcast, revisit ICA modules, or even just browse the internet.  All are considered valuable resources for extending your learning or supporting the opinions or insights you are presenting in your portfolio.  However, it's important that you don't over rely on 3rd party content, or inadvertently include it without referencing it.

Here's a quick guide on how to create without copying.

Some quick housekeeping before submitting
ICA runs all portfolio work through a checker such as CopyLeads and Grammarly We encourage you to do the same. Not only will it help with missed referencing and inadvertent plagiarism but you will also find the spelling and grammar suggestions helpful. Read More

  • Learning and Development Plan

    Your ‘Coaching Presence”, or who you are as a coach, is a huge part of developing your proficiency as a coach. In this outcome you will create a Learning Development Plan which will help you to work out how many classes you need to take per week in order to achieve your graduation goal as well as start thinking about who you want to coach, how you plan on using your coaching skills and developing your coaching niche.

    –  Click to Complete Your Learning and Development Plan
    – Share ONE KEY goal with your study group via the forum
    – Select a peers one key goal that resonates with you and provide feedback or acknowledgement

  • Case Study or Research Paper

    Your coaching research paper allows you to go deeper and investigate an area of interest to you and demonstrate how it relates to coaching. It can explore a coaching theory or practice or coaching within a particular niche or about a particular topic. Your paper will include  knowledge of a coaching theory as well as its practical application.


    You can choose to do a coaching case study which demonstrates how you have applied your coaching skills. It may be a positive or negative case study. Either way we are interested in your PROCESS and LEARNING more than your result.

    Attend the Labs to workshop your coaching model and get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other students.

    Your COACH SKILLS Course area will help you with this course requirement

    – Click and Download Worksheet
    – Read & review a peer research paper or case study in the forum
    – Upload your research paper or case study to the forum as a WORD DOCUMENT
    –  Copy and Paste the URL of the forum post for your peer review into your graduation checklist
    –  Copy and Paste the URL of the forum post for your research paper or case study into your graduation checklist

Peer Coaching (Self Regulated)

  • Coach, and Be Coached

    One of the most beneficial parts of this course is the opportunity to be coached in our Peer Coaching Program. This program consists of coaching from all over the world and in many different industries and professions. Students set up real coaching appointments and get to experience the coach/client relationship in a learning environment.

    The Peer Coaching Program is self regulated, which means it is up to you to get your own peer coach and clients.  You must record your sessions in your graduation checklist.