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As a student in our English language program you will study alongside learners from over 92 different countries, and from a range of personal and professional backgrounds. The one thing you will all have in common is your deliberate decision to create change in your lives, or the lives of those around you. Thank you for choosing ICA for your coach training!

ICA Learnsite

A campus rich with lifelong friendships and global connections

THE LEARNSITE is a central hub for all your learning materials, schedules and dial codes.  This is a member only, password protected site and is available only to students who are currently enrolled in an ICA program.

ZOOM CLASSES AND LABS are where the faculty led learning happens.  Classes are theory based, with a downloadable module we highly recommend you read in advance. Labs are practicum based with participation guidelines to follow.  All classes and labs are accessed via zoom.  You can expect students from your same time zone in each classes, but they will often live in many different countries.  ICA is truly global!

THE COMMUNITY FORUM is where the ICA learning community connects to ask questions, share challenges and reflect on learning.  It's strong with community spirit, support, friendships and networks.  Over 5000 students from around the world connect here on a regular basis.

Connect with Our Community

The social networks and friendships created at ICA spill out beyond the classrooms.  Our coaches often connect via social media to share resources, chat and encourage each other.

We profile ICA Coaches and their Portfolio work and post about Meet Ups and other events. Like our page and join our Facebook Group

LinkedIn is a great place to network and connect with your fellow students. Join our LinkedIn Group and follow our Company page.

Our Instagram feed features coaching insights, testimonials and events @CoachCampus

You don't have to be in China to get value from our WeChat Group, we have both Chinese & English language groups. Check it out ID: CoachCampus

We pin all the great Coaching Models and Power Tools created by ICA Coaches. Head on over to check them out, or pin something yourself.



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