Certification & Credentials Explained

Certification and Credential Pathways

The Vocational, Professional and Advanced programs all pathway directly to an ICF credential.  This means that once you complete these programs, and have the required coaching experience, you can apply to the ICF for either an ACC or PCC credential.  Life Design and Workplace Coach pathway to further study, which can then lead to an ICF credential.

  • Vocational Certification
    Pathways to an ACC credential via Level 1
  • Professional Certification
    Pathways to an ACC or PCC credential via Level 2
  • Advanced Professional Certification
    Pathways to an ACC or PCC credential via Level 2

Note: Coaches can only apply for MCC after they have achieved PCC, and with further coach education and coaching hours.

Webinar Reply - Accreditation, Certification & Credentialing

Certification and Accreditation in any industry can be confusing until you learn the terminology and pathways. In this Webinar we addressed the key questions we regularly get and give an overview of the certification and credential pathways between ICA programs and an ICF credential.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need Coach Certification?

As coaching has grown as an industry, the importance of certification has increased. Clients and employers are looking for coaches who have been assessed as having the skills, knowledge and experience needed to take on the role of a Professional Coach (vs someone who just calls themselves a coach).

How do I apply for Certification?

Once you have completed the requirements for your ICA program you can apply for Certification.  There’s an application form on the overview page of your learnsite.  Your Certification will be issued in alignment with the ICF Accreditation requirements, including the program you completed, the hours of study, and the level of study.

Do I need a Credential?

Credentials are highly regarded, but not essential.  The answer on if you need a credential will depend largely on how you plan to use coaching.  The main thing is to build in choice – to select a program that provides you with the choice to pursue a credential.

How do I apply for Credential?

ICA’s role in the Credential process is to provide you with the required certification.  The actual process of applying for a credential is via the ICF, with the ICF being the decision makers and issuers.

The direct pathway requires

+ Evidence of Coach Certification (eg. issued by ICA)

+ Documented coaching experience (you can include your ICA peer coaching)

+ A Knowledge Evaluation (written exam provided by the ICF)

For further information visit the ICF site