Certified Coach Training Program



These courses teach core coach training skills and knowledge and provide an overview of the various coaching philosophies and models that influence coaching.

Each of the courses in this program consist of a number of modules. Each module has the following a video, a pdf download, a teleclass and a forum folder

You can attend these in any order you like, but most people download and read the module before class, then go to the forum to extend their understanding.

These courses develop your coaching through practical, hands on role plays. You will coach and be coached in the presence of a PCC coach who will give feedback against the ICF Competencies

Observed Coaching

Observed Coaching forms the main part of the assessment for this program. It is similar to Mentor Coaching except that class sizes are limited, you must register to join a course and you will be assessed for final grading.

Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is a program designed to deepen your coaching skills. Through real time coaching, conducted in a teleclass role play, you will be observed, and given feedback against the ICF competencies.

Coach Supervision (upgrade to Advanced for access to this course)

The ICF call this "Coach Supervision" and many professions have a long history of providing such support to their members. Social workers and psychiatrists for example, get regular "Supervision". These are meetings with a more advanced member of their profession where they get to bring up any challenges or problems, talk through personal concerns or worries and just a higher level professional support.

The Labs are hands on classes designed to give you the opportunity to practice your coaching against ICF competencies

The Coaching Labs are designed to give students specific feedback on their coaching against the ICF Competencies. Each Lab will consist of a live coaching session. During this session the trainer will 'stop the clock' when they observe an ICF Competency in action.

What is 'Stop the Clock?'

Stop the Clock is a training technique used at ICA to help students identify specific ICF Competencies in action. During a 20 minute coaching session the trainer might 'stop the clock' 2 or 3 times in order to give specific feedback on something the coach said or did that aligned with a specific competency

How are the Labs Different to Mentor Coaching?

Mentor Coaching classes consist of live coaching sessions with feedback against the ICF competencies, just like the Labs. However there are a few key differences:

  1. In Mentor Coaching the trainer does not interrupt the coaching session. The coach practices delivering a whole session from beginning to end and then on completion will receive feedback.
    In a Lab the session will be interrupted multiple times. The focus is on a specific competency, not the session as a whole and that competency is drilled down in detail.

  2. The feedback offered in Mentor Coaching is wholistic and is given against ALL of the ICF Competencies. So the trainer will be focusing on the session as a whole and looking for examples of where the coach met any or all of the competencies.
    In a Lab the feedback will focus on one specific competency and its markers

  3. Mentor Coaching provides observations of areas in which the coach did meet the competencies as well as where they did not. Areas of competence are identified alongside areas requiring improvement.
    Stop the Clock focuses only on competencies that were observed