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部分B: 预约探索会谈的时间

步骤 1: 预约探索会谈的时间

一旦完成了你的个人评估,就可以预约一对一探索会谈了。 在本次会谈中,讨论的内容是如何利用自己的优势,在生活、商务或工作场所为您自己提供最好的支持。 这次会谈是完全围绕着你来进行的!


Part B: Book Your Discovery Session

Step 1: Book Your Discovery Session

Once you have completed your personal assessment, you continue on to book your one on one discovery session. In this session we'll talk about how you can leverage your strengths to best support you in life, in business, or in the workplace.  This session is about you!

Book Your One On One Session

Course Summary

In this course you will learn one of the most fundamental skills to coaching which is "Reframing Perspectives". This is a critical module in this course because it sets up the context for each power tool. In Reframing Perspectives you will learn about the role belief and perspective play in the outcomes a client can achieve for themselves. In the remainder of the course we will look at what we call Power Tools which methods of moving a client from one, disempowering perspective to another, empowering perspective.  As an outcome of this course you will get to create your own Power Tool.

Participation & Requirements

Power Tools has 9 modules and 9 corresponding classes.  We recommend you read the module before joining the class. Then record your attendance in the Graduation Checklist which you can download from your program summary page.


All times listed are in New York Eastern time.   Read more about customising the schedule to your time zone and other commonly asked schedule questions.

Advanced Coach Training Program TEMPLATE

Program Summary

The Advanced Coach Training Program is coach training at an elite level. Students for this program come from all over the world and it is taught by our global faculty. In addition to all the modules and courses included in the Certified Coach Training Program, ICA Advanced Coaches also enjoy the following:

Program Hours -150 hrs (150 hrs ACTP)
Learnsite Access - 24 months
Certificate: Advanced Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
ICF Pathway: ACC or PCC credential via the ACTP pathway

- 100 hours Coach Training
- 20 hours Coach Supervision
- 5 hours Peer Supervision
- 25 hours Portfolio Development

Courses and Modules

Core Coach Training

These classes teach core coach training skills and knowledge and provide an overview of the various coaching philosophies and models that influence coaching.

Learning Guide

Each of the courses in this program consist of a number of modules. Each module has the following:

- a pdf download
- a teleclass
- a forum folder

You can attend these in any order you like, but most people download and read the module before class, then go to the forum to extend their understanding. Every course also has a a series of Labs. These are workshop type classes where you can come and develop your Learning Outcome for each course area.

You can read about the differences between a Teleclass and a Lab in the Knowledge Hub.

Coach Discovery

These classes will help you to discovery who you are as a coach. You will develop your coaching model, define your coaching niche and if you are an advanced student, you will complete your strengths finder assessment and one on one session.

Learning Guide

Coach Profile

In this course area you will look at who you want to be as a coach and what attributes and skills you already have and at how you are going to coach. Advanced students will complete an online strengths analysis using the "Strengths Finder" program as have a one on one discovery session to learn how to best leverage your strengths to maximise your potential as a coach.

Niche Development

We have a saying in coaching that "after the first session all coaching is life coaching". However from a marketing perspective its useful to have a niche so you can hone in on the problem you are solving and the people you want to coach.  In this section of the program you will explore different coaching niches in the labs and identify your own coaching niche and target market.  

Your Coaching Model

Learn about the different between the coaching process and a coaching model. Develop your unique coaching model which you can use as a marketing tool.

Business Express

This is an optional extra course for Advanced program and is consists of a series of video modules, worksheets, checklists and resources to help coaches set up their business (website, social media profile, sales and marketing funnel). A one on one session is also included to develop your specific business plan.

Coach Development

These classes develop your coaching through practical, hands on role plays. You will coach and be coached in the presence of a PCC coach who will give feedback against the ICF Competencies

Learning Guide

Coaching Labs

Coaching Labs are hands on coaching sessions designed to give students feedback on their coaching in the context of a specific ICF competency. Using a “Stop the Clock” technique, your coach trainer will interrupt the coaching session whenever they observe an ICF Competency in practice.

Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching is a program designed to deepen your coaching skills. Through real time coaching, conducted in a teleclass role play, you will be observed, and given feedback against the ICF competencies. Mentor Coaching is designed to run alongside your core curriculum classes. It doesn't matter when you first begin your Mentor Coaching classes, but you must participate in this course area over a minimum period of three months.

Coach Supervision

This is exclusive to the Advanced program. Many professions have a long history of providing such support to their members. Social workers and psychiatrists for example, get regular "Supervision". These are meetings with a more advanced member of their profession where they get to bring up any challenges or problems, talk through personal concerns or worries and just a higher level professional support.

Peer Coaching

This is a reciprocal peer coaching program within the ICA Coaching Community. You will coach and be coached, enabling practice not only of core skills but also in client management.

Learning Guide

One of the most beneficial parts of this course is the opportunity to be coached in our Peer Coaching Program. This program consists of coaching from all over the world and in many different industries and professions. Students set up real coaching appointments and get to experience the coach/client relationship in a learning environment.

The Peer Coaching Program is self regulated, which means it is up to you to get yourself a coach and to offer yourself as a coach. You can do this in the Peer Coaching Forum

Learning As a Client

Being a client is an underrated way of learning about coaching. Through your peer coach you will get a feel for what works and what doesn't, and truly experience what it is like to be on the other end of the coach.

Learning As a Coach

As a coach you will practice the many new skills you will be learning in this course, and you will do so in a safe and supportive coaching relationship. Your coach is a student just like you so feel free to experiment and make mistakes.


As part of your coach training program student have the opportunity to reflect on the application of learning and to develop your coach portfolio. These are peer reviewed.

Power Tool

After studying a number of ways you can change someone's perspective from this to that, create a power tool that resonates with you and your coaching niche. You can read hundreds of our students power tools to get some ideas and then attend the Portfolio Labs to workshop your own power tool, get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other student.  You can use ICA's Power tools for inspiration, but your power tool must be unique to you and named uniquely.  It should also fit with the this vs that framework

Your POWER TOOLS course area will support you with this course requirement

Your Coaching Model

One of the benefits of the ICA Program is that you get to create your own unique coaching model. In this outcome you will look at a range of theories and coaching models and then create your own. Attend the Labs the portfolio lab to workshop your coaching model and get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other students.Get support or read coaching model module.

Your Research Paper

Your coaching research paper allows you to go deeper and investigate an area of interest to you and demonstrate how it relates to coaching. It can explore a coaching theory or practice or coaching within a particular niche or about a particular topic. Your paper will include  knowledge of a coaching theory as well as its practical application.

Your Case Study

You can choose to do a coaching case study which demonstrates how you have applied your coaching skills. It may be a positive or negative case study. Either way we are interested in your PROCESS and LEARNING more than your result.

Performance Evaluation

As part of your Assessment and Graduation requirements you must pass the 'Final Performance Evaluation'. This is a requirement of any ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) and is where you must demonstrate coaching at PCC level. At ICA, your performance evaluation is a 3 step process including Observed Coaching, a Written Exam and an Oral Exam.

Observed Coaching

Observed Coaching is a teleclass space where you get to showcase your new coaching skills and increase your coaching mastery.  Your classes will be facilitated by experienced ACC, PCC or MCC coaches.  In each class you will either coach, be coached or be a peer observer.

In the sessions where you hold the role of coach, you will receive written or verbal feedback from your Mentor Coach. This feedback will be mapped against the core ICF competencies and PCC indicators and designed to prepare you for your oral exam (where you must be coaching at PCC level).

Oral Exam

The oral exam is your final assessment.  Students record a 30 minute coaching session (with a client of their choice) and submit both an audio and transcript of the session.  This is then assessed by an ICA mentor coach will be mark the coaching as being competent or not competent against PCC markers and ICA competencies.

Written Exam

The exam is made up of 50 multiple choice questions and require a 70% pass rate. it is expected you will take this exam once only, and as soon as you click on the link and start you must complete it. So, don't click until you feel ready. Students who do not achieve a 70% pass rate can resit within 30 days with prior approval.

Pre Requisites for Final Performance Evaluation

  1. You must have completed all your Mentor Coaching classes
  2. You must have completed all core curriculum teleclasses
  3. You must have completed, or be near completion, for all course outcomes
  4. You must be sure you are able to commit to the time slot you register for (a change of mind incurs a fee)
  5. You must be prepared to complete your Performance Evaluation at the end of Observed Coaching
  6. You must be prepared to complete your Knowledge Evaluation at the end of Observed Coaching
  7. Your Fees must be paid in full

Assessment and Graduation

Every program is made up of teleclasses, course requirements, peer coaching, and assessments.  The difference is explained in the ICA Support hub

To graduate from any program, all requirements and assessments must be met. For Advanced there are currently two pathways.

Please Note:

If you joined the Advanced Program AFTER September 1st, 2017

You will follow the new Advanced Program, with Coach Supervision.  Business Express is optional.

You will graduate with 150 hrs ACTP.

If you joined the Advanced Program before September 1st 2017

You have a choice to continue on your original path, or take a slight detour.

Original path - You will graduate with 125 hrs ACTP.  Coach Mastermind and Business Express are a separate certification totalling 27 hrs.  This totals 152 program hours

Take a Detour - Coach Mastermind becomes Coach Supervision and Business Express is optional.  You graduate from a 150 hr ACTP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has this been changed? +

The Advanced Program has historically been 125 hours of ICF Accredited Coach Training, plus 27 hours of ICA Certified Training (Coach Mastermind and Business Express).

We changed it to become a 150 hour ACTP Program for the following reasons

  1. Not all students needed Business Building (eg. those looking at corporate coaching). They were attending the blabs because it was a graduation requirement (and we would often be asked if these classes could be substituted).
  2. Coach Supervision is increasingly being recognised as vital for coaches. Coach Mastermind touched on this with Group Supervision Classes.  But, our topic Supervision classes take this a step further
  3. ACTP is the highest ICF accreditation
    Occasionally students would ask why the full 152 hours of their program were not ICF accredited.  We agree, it was confusing. So we resubmitted our 125 ACTP with the addition of 25 hours Coach Supervision. This was approved August 2017.
What are my choices? +

If you want to continue with the Advanced (original)

Then continue on as you have been.  Business building classes continue as normal. And, Coach Mastermind continues as normal (only it's now called Coach Group Supervision)

If you want to change to the Advanced with 152 hrs ACTP (NEW)

  1. Continue on as you have been, but do coach supervision instead of Coach Mastermind. Any classes you have already done in Coach Mastermind will be certified in addition to coach supervision.

If you need Business Express to help build your coaching practice, or have already attended blabs...then continue with those classes and we will certify you for this in addition to your 150 hrs ACTP

If you DONT need Business Express then you can discontinue with these classes.

When do I need to decide? +

The current structure of Advanced (with Mastermind and Business express) will continue until June 2018.  Students graduating after June 2018 will be expected to have completed Coach Supervision.

Can Coach Mastermind Count Towards Coach Supervision? +

No. Although Coach Mastermind and our Group Coaching Classes are similar, we are not able to use our course accreditation retrospectively.

If you decide to pursue the 150 hours ACTP then you would need to attend the following:

  • 13 hrs Group Supervision classes
  • 7 hrs Topic Supervision classes
  • 5 hrs Peer Supervision

If you follow this path, and have already completed Coach Mastermind classes, then ICA will certify you for those over and above the 150 hours ACTP.


Why is Business Express Optional? +

We changed Business Express to be optional for the following reasons:

Not all students needed Business Building (eg. those looking at corporate coaching). Students were finding they had to attend blabs because it was a graduation requirement (rather a need they had) and would often ask if they could be substituted.

And, then for other students, its enormously valuable.  Some are actively setting up their coaching businesses while they study their coach training so the original program configuration works well for them.  But, we found some students were curious about business building but wanting to focus soley on their coach training, and not ready to jump into business building until after graduation.

So, by making it optional - it works for all students. Those wanting business building can still take advantage of it and we've extended the access for a further 6 months following graduation.  Those who don't need it, no longer need to attend these classes.