Coach Foundation Course

Course Overview

In this course we cover the fundamental aspects of being a coach. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. We also teach you the various influences that have created and impacted the development of coaching, and we cover the main skills and attributes required to be a coach. Finally, in this introductory course we cover one of the skills central to your success in the whole program – self-directed learning. People are naturally creative and resourceful, and are always in charge of their own learning. The quality of the inquiry, curiosity and questions that you bring, and how you choose to engage the high quality content we will deliver to you; these will strongly impact not only your study experience, but your actual learning outcomes.

Course Outcome

Create a Coach Training & Certification Plan

In this course you will create a Coach Training Plan. To do this you will identify why you want to train as a coach, how long you want to take and then put together a class schedule which will allow you to achieve those objectives. You will also plan out your certification route and the number of coaching hours you will need. This outcome will help you stay on track with your training and coaching hours.

  • Download the Worksheet

    We have created a worksheet to support you in the development of this Course Outcome, but it is a guide only. This is YOUR plan so it has to be in whatever format works best for you.

    Download Worksheet

  • Workshop it in a Lab

    Attend the Labs which are the place to workshop your plan, get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other students. Check out the lab times in the course calendar above.

    Check Labs Schedule

    How do Labs Work?