Course Labs

Course Labs are a great place to explore your niche

Portfolio Labs

Portfolio Development labs focus on supporting you to develop your coaching portfolio, and specifically, your coaching model and niche.  More information can be found in the Frameworks and Theories course area.

Coaching Labs

Fine Tune your coaching through practice, observation and feedback

ICA's Coaching Labs are practice based classes that allow students to explore and develop their coaching expertise. Each class has a topic which provides a framework for the learning and discussion. Students can attend each topic once or multiple times.

Each lab will include one of the following activities

  1. A live coaching demonstration
    The trainer for that lab will coach a fellow student and demonstrates coaching at PCC level​, and then the class will discuss the use of the ICF competencies.
  2. Round robin' coaching
    In this activity, a client is selected from the group and the trainer opens the coaching session. At a certain point, often as the client is really getting to the heart of the issue or problem, the trainer will stop and then ask each student in the class to nominate the next question they would have asked. The class will then discuss the learning and the use of ICF competencies etc.
  3. Stop-Action Coaching
    ​​Similar to the ‘round robin’ activity, a student offers a topic for a coaching session and the remaining students take turns asking questions. However, in the stop-action approach, your trainer will stop the coaching and review with students each question or observation regarding its application to the ICF core competencies

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