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Leading and developing people, teams and organisations

Leadership coaches work with clients in a range of settings as in house coaches within organisations, as external contractors delivering staff development programs and as independent executive or CEO coaches working either face to face or via phone. With your background and prior experience you can coach executives within a particular industry, coach individuals or coach groups.  If you are coaching by phone you can be located anywhere in the world and take your business with you as you travel. Executive and leadership coaching is an incredibly rewarding career that can get you out of the rat race and into a career where you can help to develop great leaders, teams and organisations.

As a leadership coach you will work with people on a range of issues. But no matter what leadership coaching niche you choose you will most likely be working with clients on some of the following issues:

- workplace relationship challenges
- stress & overwhelm
- work life balance issues
- clarifying company vision & direction
- organisational change
- blue sky thinking

Develop a Specialist Leadership Coaching Niche

At ICA you will train in our core Accredited Coach Programs, but you also have the option of specializing in a chosen coaching niche. This is not compulsory, however we recommend it for the following reasons:

  • Calling yourself simply an 'executive coach' makes it very hard for your prospective clients to find you. People are not looking for generalist coaches anymore; they want specific help for specific challenges or issues.
  • The best coaches don't walk away from their previous lives or careers when becoming a coach. They integrate their years of experience and knowledge into highly crafted, well honed coaching niches. So you can and should use your expertise to develop a unique coaching niche
  • People use the internet more and more for "shopping research" So even if it is a washing machine or a new car they are buying, and even if they plan to buy it arond the corner, firts they search online. To be found online when your prospective clients search for you, you need to be listed under something more specific than "coach"
  • Clients exist in unique situations, cultures and circumstances. No two contexts are the same. As a coach you need to be able to tailor your coaching accordingly.