Coaching Outcomes Labs

Coaching Outcomes

At ICA each course has an "Outcome" This is a piece of work you will develop over time, using the skills and knowledge you have learned in class. Although these are not "assessable" units of work we highly recommend you complete them and post to the forum for peer review and feedback. Each outcome has been designed to not only help you with your current studies but to also provide you with your own piece of coaching expertise, your own intellectual property that you can leverage later on to develop your business or standing as a coach.

Course Outcomes


To create your Coach Training Plan you will identify why you want to train as a coach, how long you want to take and then put together a class schedule which will allow you to achieve those objectives. You will also plan out your certification route and the number of coaching hours you will need. This outcome will help you stay on track with your training and coaching hours.


To create your Coach Development Plan you will assess your current skill level as a coach, identify your ideal skill level and then work out the best learning pathway to get there.


We encourage all our coaches to explore an area of interest that connects in some way to the coaching profession. You may choose to express this investigation as a Research Paper, Case Study or Thought Leadership Article. The aim of this case study is to highlight the results of a coaching issue or problem that you have applied coaching skills to. Your project should describe the area or concept you are investigating, demonstrate its connection to coaching and describe how it can be used in conjunction with coaching.


You will have studied a number of ways you can change someone's perspective from this to that. You will then have the opportunity to create a power tool that resonates with you and your coaching niche. You can read hundreds of our students power tools to get some ideas and then attend the Labs to workshop your own power tool, get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other students


One of the benefits of the ICA Program is that you get to create your own unique coaching model. In this course you will look at a range of theories and models and then create your own. Attend the Labs to workshop your coaching model and get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other students.


*only available in the Advanced Program

In the Business Building Program you will explore your specific target market, niche and offering. You will then develop a comprehensive Coach Starter pack for use with clients.