Assessment and Graduation (Bridging)



    Your graduation checklist has a section for each Graduation requirement. This must be completed during your studies (eg. record every class you attend) and then submitted when you apply to graduate.

    To graduate from any program, all requirements and assessments must be met. For Certified these include

    1. Attend and Track Core Curriculum Class
    2. Attend and Track Lab Classes
    3. Complete and Track Peer Coaching hours
    4. Complete and track Mentor Coaching
    5. Complete and Track Observed Coaching
    6. Post course requirements to the the forum and track
    7. Oral Exam and Written Exam

    Download Checklist


    Once you have completed all above requirements, you are able to apply to graduate.  Graduations are processed monthly, with graduation ceremonies held twice a year. To complete this form you will need a copy of your Graduation checklist, your peer coaching records and the results of your performance and knowledge evaluations.


TELECLASSES (Record Your Attendance)

  • Live Class with Expert Faculty

    It’s important you attend the full hour for each class, and arrive on time.  You are then required to record the date, time and trainer for each of the following classes

    1. Core Coach Training Classes (29 hrs)
    2. Niche Development and Portfolio Labs (10 hrs)
    3. Mentor Coaching (22 hrs)
    4. Observed Coaching (10 hrs)

    These should be recorded in your graduation checklist.

Your Unique Coach Portfolio (Peer Reviewed)

  • Your Coaching Power Tool

    After studying a number of ways you can change someone’s perspective from this to that, create a power tool that resonates with you and your coaching niche. You can read hundreds of our students power tools to get some ideas and then attend the Portfolio Labs to workshop your own power tool, get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other student.  You can use ICA’s Power tools for inspiration, but your power tool must be unique to you and named uniquely.  It should also fit with the this vs that framework

    Your POWER TOOLS course area will support you with this course requirement

    – Download Worksheet
    – Read & review a peer power tool in the forum
    – Prepare your own this vs that power tool & upload to the forum
    – Copy and Paste the URL of your forum posting into your graduation checklist

  • Your Coaching Model

    One of the benefits of the ICA Program is that you get to create your own unique coaching model. In this outcome you will look at a range of theories and coaching models and then create your own. Attend the Labs the portfolio lab to workshop your coaching model and get support from the trainer and connect with and learn from other students.Get support or read coaching model module.

    – Download Worksheet
    – Read & review a peer coaching model in the forum
    – Prepare your own research paper or case study & upload to the forum

Your Performance Evaluation (Assessed)

  • Observed Coaching

    As part of your Assessment and Graduation requirements you must participate in Observed Coaching.  You will be observed coaching and provided with feedback, against PCC markers.   This must be submitted with your application to graduate.

  • Written Exam

    The oral exam is your final assessment. Students record a 30 minute coaching session (with a client of their choice) and submit both an audio and transcript of the session. This is then assessed by an ICA mentor coach will be mark the coaching as being competent or not competent against PCC markers and ICA competencies.

  • Oral Exam

    This is your final assessment. Students record and transcribe a coaching session where they demonstrate coaching at PCC level. This is then submitted for faculty assessment.  Each student will be provided with feedback and either a competent or not competent outcome.

Peer Coaching (Self Regulated)

  • Coach, and Be Coached

    One of the most beneficial parts of this course is the opportunity to be coached in our Peer Coaching Program. This program consists of coaching from all over the world and in many different industries and professions. Students set up real coaching appointments and get to experience the coach/client relationship in a learning environment.

    The Peer Coaching Program is self regulated, which means it is up to you to get your own peer coach and clients.  You must record your sessions in your graduation checklist.